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Dr. Romit Agrawal

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Consultant Orthopaedician


Orthopedic and Trauma


Shalby Hospital Indore

Conference & Workshops

  • Awarded scholarship of Rs 2.5 lacs from prestigious JRD Tata Trust for academic performance in MBBS course in 2009 and 2010
  • Maharashtra University of Health Science(MUHS) topper in OPHTHALMOLOGY with 80% distinction marks in 2010
  • 3rd position in annual Pediatrics quiz held on Grant Medical College in 2011.
  • Paper Presentation on “Incidence of Dural Leak in Spine Surgery” in VOSCON 2015
  • Won 3rd prize in poster presentation on “Pelvic Support Osteotomy” in VOSCON 2015
  • Won 2nd prize in paper presentation on “Free Fibula Strut Grafting” in VOSCON 2016
  • Awarded 1st prize in PG quiz on Spine in National CME on spine-live surgeries held on March 2017.
  • Co-presented paper on “Fusion rate for one and two levels anterior cervical decompression and interbody fusion” at 39th SICOT 2018, Montreal.
  • Co-presented posters on “Case series of wrist arthrodesis using fibular autograft after enblock resection of Giant Cell Tumour of distal end of radius” at 39th SICOT 2018, Montreal.
  • Co-presented posters on “Role of fibular non-vascularised strut graft in management of proximal humerus fracture nonunion: A prospective study of 21 cases” at 39th SICOT 2018, Montreal.
  • Oral podium presentation on “Dual Plate Fixation for Unstable Type C Distal Femur Fractures” at MPIOACON 2018, Indore (M.P).
  • Poster presentation on “Free fibular strut grafting with cannulated hip screw fixation in neglected comminuted femoral neck fractures in young adults” at MPIOACON 2018, Indore (M.P).
  • Poster presentation on “Bilateral Anterior Fracture-Dislocation of Shoulder Joint- Rare Case Report” at WIROC 2018, Mumbai.
  • Poster presentation on “Role of Posterior Tibial Slope on Functional Outcome after Posterior Stabilized TKA” at 7th International Congress for Joint Reconstruction Middle East (ICJR), Dubai 2019.
  • Poster Presentation on “Leprosy induced Hip Arthritis: A Rare Case Report” in IAACON 2019, Mumbai
  • Poster Presentation on “Role of Posterior Tibial Slope on Functional Outcome after Posterior Stabilized Total Knee Arthroplasty” in IAACON 2019 Mumbai
  • Paper Presentation on “Role of Combined ACL and Anterolateral Ligament reconstruction in high grade ACL injury patients: Better functional outcome” in IASCON 2019, Indore
  • Paper Presentation on “Influence of Posterior Tibial Slope on Functional outcome after Cruciate Retaining Total Knee Arthroplasty” in 40th SICOT 2019, Muscat, Oman
  • Paper Presentation on “Treatment for Unstable communited Distal Femur Fractures: Dual Plate Fixation” in 40th SICOT 2019, Muscat, Oman
  • Poster Presentation on “Subsidence of Uncemented Distal Fit Femoral Stem after Revision Hip Arthroplasty” in 40th SICOT 2019, Muscat, Oman
  • VOSCON Nagpur 2015
  • SHOULDERCON Nagpur 2016
  • VOSCON Nagpur 2016
  • Basic Workshop in Research Methodology 2016
  • POSICON Nagpur 2017
  • Nagpur Arthroplasty Course 2017
  • Basic Hip and Knee Arthroplasty Course, KEM hospital, Mumbai 2018
  • MPIOACON 2018, Indore
  • WIROC 2018, Mumbai
  • Joint Replacement Surgeon Council 2019, New Delhi
  • SICOT India Porcine Hands on Spine Workshop January 2019, Mumbai
  • SICOT Basic Arthroplasty and Spine Updates, Mumbai 2019
  • SORC 2019 SICOT course 2019, Mumbai
  • IAACON 2019, Mumbai
  • IASCON 2019, Indore
  • Bombay Orthopaedic Society clinical Meet 2019, Mumbai
  • Depuy Johnson & Johnson Tendon repair workshop 2019, Mumbai
  • SICOT 2019, Muscat Oman
  • Ranawat Orthopaedic Conference 2020 Mumbai
  • Asia Pacific Spine Society + BOS Mumbai 2020


  • Bombay Orthopaedic Society
  • SociétéInternationale de ChirurgieOrthopédique et de Traumatologie (SICOT)
  • Former Association :Arthroscopy Sports Injury and Joint Replacement Surgeon, Indian Railways, Mumbai.


  • Arthroscopy Shoulder Surgery, Arthroscopy Knee Surgery, Joint Replacement, Complex trauma Surgeries.
  • Arthroscopic Shoulder reconstructive surgery including instability repair and rotator cuff repair.
  • Knee Arthroscopy- ACL & PCL Reconstruction, Multiligament Repair, Meniscus Repair.
  • Knee Replacement with PCL ligament preserving with minimally invasive Sub-vastus approach.
  • Hip &Shoulder Replacement
  • Joint preservation surgery including HTO and osteochondral knee transplants


  • Romit Agrawal., et al. “”Comparative study of functional outcome of anterior cervical decompression and interbody fusion with tricortical stand-alone iliac crest auto graft versus stand-alone polyetheretherketone (PEEK Cage) in cervical spondylotic myelopathy””. Global spine Journal 2018.
  • Romit Agrawal., et al. “Salvaging unstable hip with pelvic support osteotomy: Case report””. Indian J.Sci.Res. 7(1): 213-216, 2016.
  • Romit Agrawal., et al. “Metastatic Follicular Thyroid Carcinoma to the Dorsal Spine Presenting as Early Manifestation: Case Report””. Acta Scientific Orthopaedics 3.5 (2020): 19-22.
  • Romit Agrawal., et al. “Leprosy-Induced Hip Arthritis: A Rare Case Report” Journal of Orthopaedic Case Reports 2020 May-June: 10(3).
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Ahmedabad 380015,
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