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Dr. Mayank Jain - Shalby Hospital

Dr. Mayank Jain

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Consultant Physician
MD. (Internal Medicine), IDCCM (Indian Diploma in Critical Care Medicine)


General Medicine


Shalby Hospital Surat

  • Dr. Mayank Jai Prakash Jain Senior Consultant Physician and Intensivist based in Surat with an experience of 7 years. I have trained for 2-3 years in critical care medicine, valuable ventilated_ patients, covid Treatments and multiorgan failure patients.
  • I have lots of experience in diabetes, hypertension and its complications. Hold of lot of camp for few treatment, have a lot of experience in patients with fever & associated symptoms.
  • Bachelor’s Degree, MBBS. Smimer Medical Collage, Surat Duration: 2009-2015.
  • M.D. (Internal Medicine), During 2017 to 2020.
  • IDCCM (Indian Diploma in Critical Care Medicine) During 2021 – 2022
  • Fellowship in 2D Echo during October – 2022.
  • I have worked as a consultant in private hospital, Girish Group of Hospital for 9 months. Worked as an in-charge in ICU critical care during Covid pandemic, both 1st & 2 wave.
  • Worked as a ICU registrar in Jaslok Hospital (Mumbai) for 6 months.
  • Completed IDCCM (Critical care) from mahavir hospital surat .
  • Worked as a consultant in Medicine during covid pandemic.
  • I have done Fellowship in 2D Echo and ECMO handling.
  • IMA – Indian Medical Association
  • APS – Association Physician of Surat.
  • API – Association Physician of India.
  • Expert in all medical ill patients including respiratory illness, any cardiac patients, multiorgan failure, in ventilated patients. Have experience in treating uncontrolled diabetes, its complications. Expertise in any fever related disease including, HIV, Tuberculosis, many autoimmune disease.
  • Relationship on QTC interval on ventricle arrythymia in patients of heart attack.
  • CADASIL Syndrome
    Corporate Office :

    B-301/302,Mondeal Heights,
    S. G. Highway,
    Ahmedabad 380015,
    Gujarat , India

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