Care for elderly

November 26, 2015




Care for elderly

Care for elder shalby geriatric clinic


Aging is a natural phenomenon and when people pass through the geriatric age, it becomes important that the health is well taken care. Here are few tips which will help taking care of the elderly.

  •       Derma Care (Skin Care)


With the progress of the aging process, the moisture of the skin decreases and dryness may develop. This will result into symptoms like flaking and itching.


Use of moisturizing soaps or lotion may help to reduce the dryness of the skin.

  •       Oral Health


Cavities, germ build up and poor oral hygiene are common challenges during geriatric age


Cultivate a habit of brushing the teeth at least twice a day followed by cleaning the tongue thoroughly. Dental cleaners like tooth picks, inter-dental brushes, dental floss etc, will further help to reduce chances of germ build-up.

Dentures (if any) cleaning also play significant role in keeping the cavity at bay. Clean removable dentures only with soft bristle brush and mild washing liquid. It is also important that the dentures are rinsed thoroughly after cleaning. Remove the dentures at bed time and soak them to maintain its moisture.

  •       Stomach Care:


The bowel movement and constipation leads to mood fluctuation


Maintain a regular time for clearing the bowel, also rubbing the stomach gently while passing the stool will help. Engaging in physical activities or exercise will help in preventing repeated episodes of constipation.

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