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Ideal Stroke Treatment

The ideal treatment for stroke must be given within 4.5 hours from the onset of symptoms.

68 year old Dr. Kiran Dave is a senior orthopedic surgeon from Mineral Wells, near Dallas, Texas. Originally from Gujarat, he has been practicing orthopedic surgery in the USA for more than 30 years. Dr. Dave visits India regularly. He was in Ahmedabad, India, in February 2012. 

Unluckily he suffered a stroke during his visit. But he was fortunate in getting the ideal treatment in time. He survived the stroke very well. He was discharged in three days. Most important, he had no residual paralysis as usually happens after a stroke.

The symptoms of his stroke began with paralysis one night. He was trying to turn over while sleeping, but he found that he could not do so. He called his wife, also a doctor, who helped him stand up. But he found that he could not stand. The right side of his body was weak. For a while he felt better but again become completely weak on the right side.

They called Shalby Hospitals and explained the situation. Dr. Dave was advised immediate hospitalization for getting the ideal stroke treatment within 4.5 hours after the first symptoms of stroke had appeared. Dr. Dave’s wife called 108 for an ambulance and they were in the hospital within the next hour.

Shalby Hospitals’ S G road branch has a dedicated Stroke Unit headed by Stroke Neurologist. The team was ready with a Radiologist, Intensivist, Anesthetist and paramedical staff. Dr. Dave underwent Brain CT and Angiography which showed that he had suffered thrombotic Stroke and the cause was a soft clot in an artery in his neck (carotid artery).

Dr. Dave called his vascular surgeon friend in the USA to consult about what treatment was best. The American doctor suggested a course of action.

While Dr. Dave talked to his friend, Neurologist had already started the administration of a special thrombus dissolving medicine called rt-PA. Dr. Dave’s symptoms kept on fluctuating, but within the next hour he was in a stable condition. His paralysis gradually improved. He felt exhausted but otherwise alright.

In the subsequent days Dr. Dave improved at a regular pace. Soon he could move every part of his body with his former strength, as if he never had suffered a stroke.

He was discharged within three days.

Worth knowing: Why Dr. Kiran Dave survived the stroke so well?

  1. He knew how to diagnose a stroke as both he and his wife are doctors. So knowing the signs and symptoms of stroke very well is very important if a self-diagnosis of stroke is to be made.
  2. Dr. Dave knew that he needed treatment within the next 4.5 hours and that Shalby Hospital could deliver that treatment. So they rushed to Shalby. They arrived to take stroke treatment within one and half hours.
  3. Dr. Dave told Neurologist after treatment when he improved partially: ‘You have given me the best treatment for stroke, which is equal to the standard of care given at the best Stroke Centres in the world’.
  4. Shalby has a dedicated ‘Stroke Treatment Unit’ consisting of a stroke neurologist, radiologist, intensivist and other doctors and staff. The special medicines needed and a cath lab is also available 24×7 in Shalby Hospital. So quick and efficient treatment was possible.

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