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Knee Replacement Ends Years Of Pain | Shalby Hospitals Jaipur

76 years old Mrs. Shiv Muni Devi is from Mau in Uttar Pradesh. She had been suffering from severe pain in both her knees for several years. She had consulted many doctors but was not convinced of knee replacement surgery due to fear and misconceptions.

Owing to this, her condition worsened with time affecting her life severely. Then, her son heard of Shalby Hospitals Jaipur’s Dr. Dheeraj Dubay, one of the best joint replacement surgeons of Rajasthan, and travelled a distance of more than 800 km to consult him. Dr. Dubay patiently explained in detail Muni Deviji’s disease to the family and why she needed knee replacement.

After her surgery on both legs, she is feeling much better now. As Muni Deviji’s son shares their experience, he is full of appreciation for Dr. Dheeraj Dubay and the staff at Shalby Hospitals Jaipur for his mother’s excellent care and treatment.

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