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Patient review

Complex Spine Fracture Treated Successfully At Shalby Hospital Surat

Mrs. Kirtida Desai is from USA. On a visit to Surat at her sister’s home, she fell down and had fracture in her spine. She took treatment at a city hospital but did not find relief. Then she consulted Dr Gaurav Khandelwal, Senior Spine Surgeon at Shalby Hospitals Surat. Dr Khandelwal explained her condition to Mrs Desai and her sister, and performed her surgery successfully.

Unfortunately, she had cardiac complications during the course of her treatment. She was attended to immediately for this by expert team of doctors and was treated. Now she is feeling well, and is ready to go home.

As Mrs. Desai and her sister share their experience, they are full of appreciation for Dr. Gaurav Khandelwal, Dr. Arool Shukla, Intensive & Critical Care Specialist and the team of doctors and support staff at Shalby Hospitals Surat for her successful treatment.

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