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Knee Replacement in Surat

Knee replacement, also known as Total Knee Replacement (TKR) or knee arthroplasty, is a surgical treatment to resurface a knee that is damaged due to arthritis. Plastic and metal parts are used for capping the bone end forming the knee joint with the kneecap.  Knee replacement surgery is considered as a final treatment option for patients who suffer from a severe knee injury or severe arthritis. This surgical procedure goes a long way in relieving patients from knee pain that is not controlled by other mode of treatments.

Why Shalby Hospitals Is the Best Option for Knee Replacement Surgery in Surat?

Shalby Hospitals is globally renowned for its knee replacement surgeries and advanced technology and state-of-the-art medical equipment. This hospital chain is spread across various cities in the country with 11 multispecialty hospitalsand a total hospital bed capacity exceeding 2000. The highly qualified and highly experienced knee replacement surgeons at Shalby Hospitals are known for their proven track record of successful knee replacement surgeries.

The orthopaedic department at Shalby performs a complete evaluation of every patient who has to undergo knee replacement surgery. This includes pre-surgery evaluation and post-surgery rehabilitation led by highly skilled joint replacement surgeons who have been trained in their respective fields. Dr Vikram Shah, the founder of Shalby Hospitals, is renowned for his surgical process innovation Zero Technique, a TKR technique that cuts down the time taken to perform the surgery from hours to merely 8-10 minutes. This minimally invasive procedure also helps patients with speedy recovery.

Knee Replacement Surgeons in Surat

Shalby Hospitals’ Arthroplasty team is headed by Dr Vikram Shah, who is a globally acclaimed Joint Replacement Surgeon.  He was also the first to bring body exhaust system and laminar airflow to the operation theatres in India to perform knee replacement surgeries, thus making this procedure more successful and safer.

With the whole team headed by such a successful doctor, who has contributed a lot to knee joint replacement surgeries, it’s quite understandable why Shalby Hospital is the best option for knee replacement.

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