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Cancer Hospital in Jabalpur

Get top-notch cancer treatment from experienced cancer specialists at Shalby Hospitals in Jabalpur. The hospital has state-of-the-art infrastructure and world-class facilities to treat cancer.

Our highly professional and experienced oncologists and cancer surgeons have treated thousands of cancer patients, following the advanced treatments/procedures. Over time, medical oncology has evolved with comprehensive cancer care.

Nowadays, cancer treatment comprises a multi-disciplinary treatment approach for curing all types of cancers – bet it blood cancer or solid tumours.

Besides therapies and medications, our experienced and skilled team also provides pain management sessions and palliative care to patients with severe malignancies.

Our cancer doctors and staff not only aim to relieve cancer symptoms but also help prolonging life of patients with appropriate treatment modalities. With early detection of cancer, the treatment of cancer becomes effective.

However, the specialists at Shalby Hospital have even cured some complicated cancer cases and that too at advanced stages.

So, book your appointment for cancer treatment in Shalby Jabalpur.

What is Cancer?

Cancer is the abnormal and uncontrolled growth of cells in any body part. Such abnormal cells are called cancer cells, tumour cells or malignant cells. These cells can even infiltrate normal body tissues.
Many abnormal cells and cancer cells that consist of the cancer tissue are also identified by the name of particular tissue that abnormal cells are originated from, such as lung cancer, breast cancer, prostate cancer, oral cancer, etc. It is best to get cancers treated at an early stage when the unwanted cells are small in number and easier to control.

What are the causes of Cancer?

In normal terms, cancer is referred to as the cells that begin to grow uncontrollably and even invade other tissues. These cells become cancerous because of the accumulation of mutations or defects in the cell DNA.

The most common causes of cancer are:

  • Infections
  • Environmental factors like air pollution, exposure to chemicals, excessive exposure to the sun, etc.
  • Inherited genetic defects (like BRCA1 and BRCA2 mutations)
  • Some poor lifestyle choices, such as excessive alcohol consumption and smoking
  • Mostly the cells can detect and repair damaged cell DNA. If the cell is badly damaged and can’t repair itself, it leads to apoptosis or programmed cell death. And, cancer occurs when the damaged cells begin to multiply, grow and spread abnormally.

Cancer Treatment option in Jabalpur

First, cancer screening and diagnosis is done to detect the type of cancer, such as colon cancer, breast cancer, cervical cancer, etc. After diagnosis, the cancer specialists determine the type of therapy (or combination of treatments) to treat the specific type of cancer.

The types of cancer treatment offered at Shalby Hospital are:

  • Chemotherapy: It is done using certain medications to reduce cancer cells.
  • Hormonal therapy: This treatment is suitable for treating prostate and breast cancer.
  • Surgery: It is recommended to remove a large cluster of cancer cells.
  • Some other treatments offered at the Shalby Jabalpur are Immunotherapy, Monoclonal antibodies, etc.
  • Post treatment cancer care and patient monitoring

Best cancer specialist in Jabalpur

Shalby Hospitals has the best team of cancer specialists to treat cancer at any stage. With the help of experienced oncologists, surgeons and specialized staff, we have treated thousands of cancer patients. We also have an intensive care unit to ensure faster recovery of patients after the treatment.

Book an appointment for diagnosis and treatment of cancer at Shalby Hospitals in Jabalpur!

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