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Cancer is the second leading cause of death in the entire world. Every year, thousands of people are diagnosed with cancer in India as well.

Cancer develops in a person with abnormal growth of cells that continue to divide uncontrollably and can even infiltrate and destroy the body’s normal tissues.

It can even spread throughout the body if not treated on time. But due to the increase of advanced oncology, the survival rate for cancer is improving due to top-notch cancer treatments. The earlier the cancer is spotted, the better are the chances of a quick recovery.

An oncologist is a medical practitioner who practices oncology for treating different types of cancers. They also work to prevent recurring cancer in patients.

Shalby Hospitals prides itself on being the best cancer treatment centre in Indore. With the help of state-of-art equipment, highly qualified and experienced oncologists, and the best intensive care units, the hospital has helped numerous people recover from cancer.

Best hospital for cancer treatment in Indore

Due to the increasing number of cancer cases in India, Shably Hospitals focuses on offering the best cancer treatment in Indore. From top-notch medical treatment by the best oncologists in India to world-class infrastructure, Shably Hospitals is a dedicated cancer care centre in the city.
Over time, medical oncology has improved with comprehensive cancer care. The hospital has a team of highly qualified and experienced doctors, state-of-art medical facilities, modular operation theatres and well-equipped units for intensive care. Our cancer treatment process involves the multi-disciplinary treatment approach for treating different types of cancer – be it tumours or blood cancer.

After diagnosing the type of cancer a patient is suffering from, specialists work on treating the problem using surgery, medications, radiation or other therapies. Depending on the patient’s situation, the treatment or a combination of treatments helps in curing, shrinking or stopping the progression of cancer.

Being the best cancer treatment hospital in Indore, we aim to provide the best cure for cancer while enabling the patient to live a normal life after treatment. Our well-trained and skilled staff members know how to take care of patients and how to mentally prepare them for the treatment or procedure.

Shalby Hospital has helped thousands of patients recover from cancer with not just the surgical or other therapies but also with palliative care and effective pain management techniques.

Cancer Treatment option in Indore

There are many cancer treatments available for patients depending on different factors like stage and type of cancer, patient’s general health, and their preferences. According to these factors, the oncologist further weighs the advantages and risks of each cancer treatment to find the best method for your survival.

At Shalby Hospital in Indore, the team of expert oncologists and highly trained cancer treatment staff work together to screen different types of cancers, such as cervical cancer, breast cancer, prostate cancer, colon cancer and more. After the screening and diagnosis of type and stage of cancer, experts determine the best therapy – Surgery, Chemotherapy, Radiation Therapy, Hormonal Therapy or Immunotherapy – for a patient.

After the successful treatment, cancer patients are suggested for regular follow-ups to ensure a speedy recovery. Besides, we offer proper pain management and palliative care to patients with terminal malignancies.

We aim to offer the best cancer treatment to cure the patient, relieve cancer symptoms and prolong or save the patient’s life.

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