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Shalby Hospitals, Indore offers the best in class knee replacement surgeries and associated medical care. With an efficient team of highly qualified and experienced surgeons, we offer top of the line treatment that are minimally invasive. Our team of anaesthesiologists, orthopedic surgeons and rehabilitation experts make your recovery rapid and smooth after knee replacement surgery.

Knee replacement surgery, also called arthroplasty, aims at relieving the pain and restoring function in seriously damaged knee joints. During this surgery, a surgeon removes the injured bone and cartilage from your knees and substitutes it with an artificial implant made using polymers, high-grade plastic and metal alloys. Knee replacement surgeriescan be either partial or total, depending on the level of damage to the knee joints.

  • Partial Knee Replacement:

    In this surgery, only the part of the affected knee gets replaced – it could be the inside (medial) part of the knee, outside (lateral) part of the knee or the kneecap.

  • Total Knee Replacement:

    In this TKR surgery, the complete knee joint is replaced with an artificial implant or prosthesis.

After a complete evaluation of the patient through diagnostic and imaging tests, the doctor will decide which of these surgeries the patient would need and advise accordingly.

Revision Knee Replacement @Shalby Indore

A majority of the modern artificial knee implants are designed to last for around 20 years. However, there are possibilities of these implants breaking or wearing out prior to this timeline. For instance, if obese people with knee implants involve themselves in high-intensity activities, the implants could break down earlier than the stipulated timeline.  In such instances, there is a need to repeat knee surgeries (Revision Surgery).

Besides wearing out of the implant, there could be other reasons as well for revision knee replacement – these could include wearing out of the articulating or moving parts, loosening or infection in some areas.

Surgeons perform revision knee replacement surgeries by removing the previously placed implants and replacing them with new implants. The surgeons at Shalby Hospitals are highly experienced to do revision knee replacement surgeries with high precision. Revision knee replacement surgery enhances the movement and function of the knee joint.

Knee Trauma in Indore

Knee trauma can be caused due to several reasons. If you look at the knee structure, four bones are arranged together at the joint and the knee joint’s steadiness is retained by four ligaments. If you happen to experience a direct blow on your knee, making it vulnerable to dislocating or twisting, it can cause severe injuries.  Depending on the severity of the damage, the injuries are classified into three levels as first, second and third level knee trauma. At Shalby Hospitals, we provide treatment to all kinds of knee trauma..

Many knee problems also occur due to ageing and constant pressure and stress on the knee joints. There could be many such knee injuries like tendonitis, arthritis, sprained or strained knee muscles or ligaments and torn cartilage. Based on a few diagnostic tests, the doctors can identify the level of trauma and decide the right treatment line based on that.

Best Knee Surgeon and Doctor in Indore

Dr Vikram Shah at Shalby Hospitals is the best knee surgeon and doctor in Indore. He is internationally known for his excellent innovations in the field of knee replacement. He is credited with the surgical process innovation – Zero Technique, which ensures a host of benefits to the patients, including minimal incision, minimal blood loss and start walking within few hours after the surgery. He is also the first surgeon in India to bring body exhaust system and laminar airflow to the operation theatres for performing knee joint replacement surgeries. Shalby Today can boast of over 1,00,000 joint replacement surgeries with very high success rates and is hence the best knee replacement hospital chain in India.

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