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Woman Special


Menopause is a natural phenomenon in a woman’s life that is marked by the cessation of her menstrual period for a continuous period of more than a year. All female above 40 years of age can opt for the Woman Special for a comprehensive check-up to detect any anomalies that can occur during this period.

  • CBC with ESR
  • FBS
  • HbA1c
  • Lipid Profile
  • S. Creatinine
  • Blood Group
  • S. Calcium
  • TSH
  • Urine Routine & Micro
  • Stool Routine & Micro


  • E.C.G.


  • Chest X – Ray
  • Mammography(Bilateral)
  • USG Whole Abdomen
  • BMD (Single Region)

    Other Test

  • PAP Smear (Female)


  • Physician
  • Dental
  • Gynecology

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