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Knee Replacement Surgery: What is it and why is it Needed?

July 23, 2022

Knee replacement surgery

Shalby Team

Orthopedic & Trauma


Knee replacement surgery or knee arthroplasty is a common surgical procedure to relieve knee pain and restore the function of the knees. During this procedure, the surgeon removes the damaged bone, and cartilage, and replaces it with an artificial joint or prosthesis. This prosthesis is made of metal alloys, polymers, or high-grade plastics. The knee replacement surgery cost in India depends on the type of prosthesis used along with the patient's condition. Before recommending a knee joint replacement surgery, the doctor will determine the stability and range of your knee joint along with the extent of the damage. If the joint is not cured with medication and exercises, the doctor will discuss the Knee replacement cost in India and proceed with the surgery.

What Happens During Knee Replacement Surgery?

At first, the surgeon will put you under anaesthesia. Depending on your condition, the surgeon may either suggest spinal or general anaesthesia. At this stage, some patients may also receive a nerve block to numb the knee joint. Total knee replacement in India especially at Shalby Hospital follows a minimally invasive approach. This ensures lesser complications, reduced blood transfusions, and faster recovery. After administering anaesthesia, the surgeon will expose your knee joint by making an incision. The surgeon will further remove the damaged joint surfaces and replace them with an artificial joint. Before closing the incision, the surgeon will also check the stability of the joint by rotating your leg. Once confirmed, the joint will be closed. Depending on your condition, the surgery may last up to 2-3 hours.

How Should You Take Care After Joint Replacement Surgery?

After the surgery, you will be kept under observation for 2-3 hours. The hospital stay will depend on your age and medical condition. Most of the patients at Shalby Hospital can go back to their homes on the same day. This is due to the efficient surgical approach and expertise of the orthopaedics team at the hospital. The doctor will further prescribe you some pain medications to control the pain. Apart from this, the surgeon will also recommend some light exercises to increase blood flow in your legs and prevent blood clots. If needed, physiotherapy and rehabilitation will also be provided to recover from the surgery and resume daily activities. Shalby Hospital has an expert team of orthopaedics and is a pioneer in knee replacement in India. Our team along with the advanced facilities has helped thousands of patients around the country live a normal life. Contact us today and bring back life to your knees.


Shalby Team

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