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The Importance of Second Opinion in Cancer Treatment

October 20, 2022

Second Medical Opinion | Shalby Hospitals

Shalby Team



A cancer diagnosis brings up several emotions in one go. It leaves you in a situation of urgency which reflects in your decisions. You wish to begin the treatment sooner rather than later and do everything in your power to fight back. Cancer can be frightening, but it is also important to take some time to evaluate your options with a second medical opinion before moving ahead. Taking a second opinion is a rational step that will educate and empower you to be more focused on your treatment.

How Does Second Opinion Help?

1. It Confirms Your Diagnosis and Treatment Options

Diagnosis of cancer can leave you perturbed. Hence, it is advisable to be sure of the entire process right from the diagnosis to the treatment. This helps you in selecting the best option for you. A second opinion doctor is specifically advised in the case of aggressive cancer. A different specialist may have more advanced imaging tools and diagnostic tests that can reveal more about your cancer. If the second opinion also confirms your original diagnosis and treatment plan, the affirmation will bring you peace and boost your morale.

2. It is Extremely Important in Rare or Unusual Cancers

Rare or unusual cancers affect less than 40,000 patients per year. Since these cancers occur less frequently, they also increase the difficulty of the specialist with fewer treatment options. In such cases, having an Oncology second opinion is crucial to explore other treatment practices.

3. It Helps in Invasive Surgeries

Treatment of cancer includes chemotherapy, medications, radiation therapy, and surgery, depending on the tumour size and health of the patient. In the case where the other treatment modalities are unsuccessful, the oncologist suggests surgery. Of late, the latest technologies and new surgical approaches such as robotic systems and laparoscopic procedures have made surgeries less invasive. A second medical opinion will give you an insight into the latest trends to help you to make an informed decision.

4. You Get an Extended and Refined Treatment Plan

A second opinion is crucial if you have an extensive treatment plan from your specialist. A second opinion doctor may suggest a new and more effective treatment plan to you that’s not offered anywhere else or a clinical trial adopting an innovative approach to treat your type of cancer. In addition, a second opinion also ensures that you are heading in the right direction with the right services needed for you to manage your treatment plan. Several hospitals provide an extensive treatment plan that involves different groups of caregivers such as counsellors, support groups, diet and wellness programs, caregiver resources, financial assistance, and so on.

To Sum It Up

Diagnosis and treatment of cancer play a determining role. Hence, relying on one doctor is not sufficient. Oncology second opinion will help you in making correct decisions. Our oncology department at Shalby Hospitals has an advanced and highly experienced team of oncologists, surgeons, doctors, and nurses to provide you with the most reliable and effective treatment strategy. Our state-of-the-art facilities, diagnostic equipment, and latest oncological technology back our team to improve patient outcomes. Contact our oncology department today for the correct diagnosis and treatment.


Shalby Team

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