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How Dangerous is Lung Cancer?

July 25, 2022

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According to the Journal of Thoracic Oncology, lung cancer in India accounts for 5.9% of all cancers and 8.1% of cancer-related deaths. The worldwide data accounts for lung cancer as the second most common cancer around the globe. It is a leading cause of death with an estimated 1.8 million deaths each year followed by breast, colorectal, and prostate cancer combined. In recent years, the rigorous lung cancer treatment in Ahmedabad has been successful in treating hundreds of lung cancer patients. It, however, remains the most difficult to treat cancer. Lung cancer is defined by the abnormal growth of cells in the lung. The two types of lung cancer non-small cell lung cancer (NSCLC) and small cell lung cancer (SCLC) show differentiated growth of cells in the organ. Out of the two, NSCLC accounts for more than 85% of the cases.

Smoking May Not Be the Only Reason

It has been proved that tobacco smoking is the prime cause of lung cancer. It also accounts for more than 80% of cancer cases. The Oncologist in Ahmedabad, however, have also proved that smoking may not be the only reason for lung cancer. More than 270,000 lung cancer cases per year are diagnosed in patients with no history of smoking. The other factors also contribute to the uncontrolled growth of lung cells. These include:
  • Radiation exposure: Patients exposed to certain radiations or with a history of radiotherapy are at high risk of developing lung cancer.
  • Air pollution: Urban air pollution suggests that the cases of lung cancer are high in metropolitan cities as compared to rural settings.
  • Occupational risks: Workers employed in several industries and exposed to carcinogenic agents such as asbestos are at higher risk of lung cancer.
  • Indoor pollution: Poorly ventilated homes and the burning of coal and wood in the home also add up to the development of lung cancer.
  • Lung diseases: Patients with lung diseases including pulmonary tuberculosis and chronic obstructive pulmonary disorder are at high risk of developing lung cancer.

What is the Survival Rate in Lung Cancer?

The Hospitals in Ahmedabad diagnose around two-thirds of lung cancer patients at a late stage. At this later stage, the cancerous cells are also found in other parts of the body. The lung cancer treatment in Ahmedabad is started immediately upon diagnosis. Despite rigorous treatment and technological advancement, the survival rates of lung cancer are still poor as compared with other cancer types. Usually, a 5-year survival rate is considered in patients with late-stage cancer. The treatment strategy for lung cancer patients is decided by the Oncologist in Ahmedabad by considering various factors such as the cancer stage, size of the tumour, and position in the lung. Usually, the treatment is a combination of the following therapies:
  • Surgery: Patients in the early-stage and localized NSCLC can be successfully treated with surgery.
  • Radiotherapy: This therapy is considered for patients whose cancer cannot be removed by surgery.
  • Chemotherapy: This therapy is used to treat both early and advanced cancer stages in combination with surgery or radiation therapy.
  • Targeted therapy: The oncologist may also inject monoclonal antibodies or vaccines into the body to target certain cells.
Lung cancer is challenging to treat. Hence, prevention is the only way. Moreover, the right diagnosis and treatment at Hospitals in Ahmedabad like Shalby play a pivotal role in improving the lives of the patient.


Shalby Team

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