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It’s the time of the year when you have the golden chance to hone your skills and gain knowledge about the latest trends as followed in urology – the field of medical science that deals with the overall health of your urinary system.

Urology is dedicated to the treatment of diseases associated with that of your kidney, prostate gland, urinary bladder, penis and testis.

AIE, (Advancements in Endourology), is helping urosurgeons around the globe, come together under one roof to share novel ideas and thoughts – for more improved treatment process and patient care.

AIE has been conceptualized by Minimal Access Surgery Training Institute, the brainchild of Shyam Urosurgical Hospital.

AIE Past: A Brief Overview

Minimal Access Surgery Training Institute, which is credited for AIE, was devised by Dr. Kandarp Parikh as a tribute to his father Shri. Priyakant Parikh, a prominent name in Gujarati literature. Shri. Priyakant Parikh has to his credits over 100 novels and a plethora of awards.

Dr. Kandarp Parikh is a renowned Laparoscopic and Endoscopic Urosurgeon in Ahmedabad. It was his deep passion for academics and keen desire to contribute to the family of urologists that made him take up the initiative of creating a platform, which connects the fraternity of urologists across the globe. And he has been pursuing this dream over the last couple of years with utmost perfection.

AIE Conferences

With the aim of enhancing urosurgery processes and upskilling urosurgeons across the country, AIE organizes a training programme in every 3 months. A conference on Uro-endoscopic surgery is organized once in every two years for connecting urology specialists from all over the world on a single platform.

AIE successfully held its first conference in 2013, which had 320 eminent urologists, 10 international faculties, 30 national faculties and 18 live surgeries to list.

Following the success of the very first conference, the second one was held in 2016 which witnessed the presence of 375 eminent urologists, 10 international faculties, 40 national faculties and 20 live surgeries.

The past two conferences brought out the best in Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia (BPH). Urosurgeons who got to be a part of the conferences have embraced the novel ideas to offer quality service and cutting edge facility with absolutely no body scarring.

The third conference is now to be organized from 23rd-25th February 2018, which will bring in the best in regards to endoscopic stone and prostate surgeries in a live operative workshop.

If you also wish to enhance your skills in endoscopic stone and prostate surgeries, don’t forget to be a part of the AIE conference.