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What Are The Myths and Facts About Total Knee Replacement

March 22, 2022

Redo Knee Surgery in India | Shalby Hospitals

Shalby Team

Knee Replacement


Knee replacement surgery is one of the most preferred forms of treatment for relieving severe pain which is caused by osteoarthritis. Osteoarthritis of knee is arthritis of knee joint. Osteoarthritis is generally age-related wear and tear of the joints and is more common in people over 50. Women are more susceptible to this. Total Knee Replacement in India is a surgery that has become highly common because it is a successful surgical procedure that gives very good results.

Total knee replacement is replacing damaged bone and cartilage of the knee joint with artificial joint. This surgical procedure is highly preferred because it helps in giving successful outcomes with fewer complicated consequences. This is a minimally invasive procedure wherein only a small incision is made during the surgery.

This also speeds up the process of rehabilitation and recovery and requires patients to be admitted for a much shorter period of time in the hospitals. It has several advantages and the patients need to spend less time using a walker and can quickly return to normal movement and lifestyle.

Why Total Knee Replacement?

Total knee replacement is a very successful surgery with minimal infection rate. It relieves the patients of severe pain and restores joint function, thus improving their quality of life immensely.

The recent advancements and innovations in medical science and technology have further contributed to the success rate of this surgery by giving improved immediate and long-term outcomes of the surgery.

Myths and Facts on Total Knee Replacement

Knee replacement surgery involves the replacement of a worn-out or injured knee joint with a prosthesis or artificial joint. The technique is extremely common. It was first performed by surgeons in the 1960s, with methods and implants being modified on a regular basis. Knee replacement surgery can reduce your pain and help you restore lost abilities. It has a very high success rate. Despite the fact that surgery may be a beneficial therapeutic option, many people have misconceptions about it that prevent them from opting it. Following are a few of the most common myths about Total Knee Replacement Surgery:

1. Myth: I will have to forego sports and most physical activities after the surgery

Fact: Following the procedure, you may gradually increase your fitness level, starting with a mild walking routine. You will be pushed to stand, climb stairs, and do other common household tasks as soon as feasible. You should be able to resume activities like brisk walking or cycling in 6 to 12 weeks but should avoid contact sports. Squatting and cross-legged sitting are permissible but should be limited as per the doctor’s advice.

2. Myth: I do not need a total Knee replacement as there are many alternate options like Acupressure and Laser therapies to cure my acute and advanced arthritis and other knee issues.

Fact: There is presently no scientifically proven permanent nonsurgical cure for severe knee arthritis, and alternative therapies lack scientific evidence. All of these therapies may provide temporary relief in early to moderate arthritis, but they are not curative. Many people resort to these treatments because they are afraid of the uncertainty of surgery. As a consequence, trying these measures will surely postpone, but not prevent, the procedure.

3. Myth: The recovery after total Knee Replacement is very slow and painful, and physiotherapy is compulsory.,/p>

Fact: For 99 percent of patients, a physiotherapist is not necessary. Following the replacement, the doctors will teach the patient how to exercise, and the patient will need to practice at home. Patients begin walking on the same or next day after the surgery. Patients are toilet-independent within 24 to 48 hours after surgery. Weight-bearing is acceptable at this phase, and knee bending is permitted. After around 3 weeks, patients may join in outside social activities.The vast majority of patients may return to work after 4 to 6 weeks.

4. Myth: The success rate of total Knee Replacement Surgery is very low, and there is a high risk of failure

Fact: The sole danger in the whole procedure is infection, however the risk of contracting an infection is minimal (less than 1%). Knee replacement surgery is a great treatment option for worn-out or injured knees. People who have had this treatment may go about their daily lives in peace and comfort.

5. Myth: If I have diabetes and hypertension or blood pressure, I will be unable to go through with the surgery.

Fact: Diabetes and high blood pressure are no longer considered contraindications to knee replacement surgery. Prior to the surgery, the patients are thoroughly checked by the doctor and given drugs. They are given pre-anesthetic medicine. If the diagnostic result reveals that a knee replacement is required, the operation is straightforward. Diabetes, hypertension, and heart disease are no longer considered surgical contraindications. The doctor might advise to discontinue some medicines for a few days before the surgery. Every patient undergoing joint replacement surgery is now subjected to a complete pre-anesthetic evaluation.


Shalby Multi-Specialty Hospitals are among the best hospitals for redo knee surgery in India for total knee replacement surgery. The hospitals are equipped with the latest technology and have highly qualified and experienced surgeons who know every aspect of knee replacement surgery including the method for revision knee replacement.

Besides, the surgery for Sports injury treatment India at Shalby hospitals has a higher success rate and allows patients to lead a more active lifestyle with improved functionality and movement of the knees and legs. You should always consult your doctor and seek advice on which treatment option is the most suitable one for you and accordingly proceed to the total knee replacement procedure. (check the portion marked in yellow. From tkr it jumps to sports injury treatment)


Shalby Team

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