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Total Hip Replacement – Yesterday and Today

October 3, 2016

Total Hip Replacement - Yesterday and Today

Shalby Team

Hip Replacement


Many individuals around the world suffer from issues requiring Total Hip Replacement surgery. Total Hip Replacement (THR) refers to the surgical replacement of the hip joint with a prosthetic implant. There is a long history of the development of hip implants.

Early Days: In 1821, a surgeon at London’s Westminster Hospital by the name of Anthony White, carried out the first successful hip arthroplasty. The first recorded osteotomy was carried out in 1826, while the first total joint replacement procedure was carried out in 1890 by Themistocles Glück. The first ball-and-socket hip replacement made of ivory was also developed by Glück. Glück’s implants had short-term success as infection led to their eventual failure. Early hip replacement designs had a smooth surface and involved direct insertion without using bone cement.

Sir John Charnley: Modern hip replacement was made possible with Sir John Charnley’s invention of a device consisting of a plastic acetabular cup and a metal femoral component, in 1962. The credit for the first successful use of bone cement goes to Dr. John Charnley. Bone cement enabled the firm fixing of artificial hip to the bone, and this led to an improvement in pain relief. However, prostheses inserted with bone cement suffered from a 10-15% failure rate within 10-15 years because of loosening of the bone cement and deterioration.

Hip Replacement Today: Total Hip Replacement surgery has come a long way since then, and today leading hospitals like Shalby Hospital, utilize the most modern technologies for carrying out a hip replacement. Today, the great advancements in hip replacement surgery can be easily gauged by looking at the results – the success rate of Total Hip Replacement Surgery is more than 99%! With time, one can expect to do activities like swimming, playing golf etc. The procedure has become a lot simpler and allows patients to get back on their feet and enjoy a youthful life.

For all ages: In the past, hip replacement surgery was mainly for individuals above the age of 60. Today, however, younger individuals can also opt for hip replacement due to long-lasting artificial hip joints created by great advancements in medical technology. It is to be noted that younger patients may need to go for another surgery for replacing artificial joints which have worn out. But one need not worry about that, as the latest artificial hip joints take a long time to wear out – as long as 15 to 20 years!

The Procedure: During the procedure, the damaged bone is replaced with a total hip prosthesis which is surgically implanted within the hip joint. This implant consists of three parts, with the first part being a cup that is a replacement for the hip socket. The second part is a metal or ceramic ball that is a replacement for the fractured head of the thigh bone. The third part is a metal stem that is attached to the shaft for providing additional stability to the prosthesis.

Approach a good team: Total Hip Replacement surgery has become a very simple and effective procedure, but one must only approach a reputed hospital for undergoing hip surgery. Reputed centers like Shalby Hospital have skilled and experienced teams of the best professionals for ensuring the best results, so that you can be back on your feet in no time, and living life to the fullest!


Shalby Team

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