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What are Cochlear Implants and how do the work?

April 25, 2022

What are cochlear implants & how do they work

Shalby Team

ENT Surgery


An electronic device that restores hearing ability partially is known as a cochlear implant. Unlike other hearing aids that amplify the sound, the best ENT surgeon in Ahmedabad or in any city in India places a cochlear implant into the ear to deliver sound signals to the hearing nerve. These implants are specifically beneficial for those with severe hearing loss or who are not helped by hearing aids.

Why do you need a Cochlear Implant?

Your ENT specialist in Ahmedabad will recommend cochlear implant surgery if you:
  • Have severe or profound hearing loss in both ears.
  • Got little or no benefit from hearing aids.
  • Have no medical problems that could put them at risk during surgery.
  • Have a desire to communicate through listening and speaking.

    How do Cochlear Implants work?

    A cochlear implant is made up of two main components:
    • An external part that hooks over the ear.
    • An internal part that is surgically implanted into the ear.
    Ent Specialist in Ahmedabad - Shalby Hospitals   External Part: The external part of the implant contains a microphone, speech processor, and transmitter. Out of this, the microphone and speech processor are coupled in a small unit that links them to the transmitter. The microphone is responsible to catch the sounds and directing them to the speech processor. The processor converts it into digital signals and sends them to the transmitter. The transmitter codes these signals and relays them to the implant. Internal Part: The internal part of the heart of the cochlear implant contains a receiver and electrode arrays. This receiver collects the signals from the transmitter and converts them into electrical pulses. The pulses thus generated are received by electrode arrays that stimulate the hearing nerve in the ear. These signals are interpreted as a sound by the brain.

    What Happens During Cochlear Implant Surgery in Ahmedabad?

    The top hospitals in Ahmedabad will conduct a thorough medical evaluation to determine if you are a good fit. Once confirmed, the surgeon will:
    • Create an incision behind your ear and make a small hole in the portion of your skull to fit the internal device.
    • Create a small opening in the cochlea (inner ear) to connect the electrode to the internal device.
    • Close the incisions.
      You may feel a little discomfort in the ear after the surgery. The symptoms, however, are temporary and will subside in a few hours. The audiologist will not activate the implant for at least 2-6 weeks post-surgery, as the surgery will need time to heal. To activate the implant an audiologist will:
      • Adjust the sound processor in the external device.
      • Check the components of the implant and ensure it's working.
      • Determine the sounds you mostly hear.
      • Set the device so that you can hear properly.
      • Brief you about the care and use of the device.
      Initially, you may find it difficult to understand different sounds. Hence, you will also need the best rehabilitation center after the surgery to train your brain in understanding sounds from the implant. Shalby Hospitals is one of the largest ENT hospitals in India. We provide comprehensive ENT treatments and excellent facilities to our patients. Our team consists of esteemed ENT surgeons, specialists, doctors, and nurses that provide the best treatment and care to patients with hearing loss. Know more about us here.


Shalby Team

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