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Best Oncologists in India

Dr. Purvish M. Parikh

MD, DNB, FICP, PhD, ECMO, CPI, MBA Email: oncodepartment@shalby.in Department: Oncology

1. Director of Precision Oncology & Research, Asian Cancer Institute
2. Board Member, Maharashtra University of Health Sciences
3. Executive Director, Indian Cooperative Oncology Network
4. Director of Clinical Research and Education, BSES Municipal Hospital
5. Past President, SAARC Federation for Oncologists
6. Past President, Indian Society of Medical & Pediatric Oncology
7. Emeritus Editor, South Asian Journal of Cancer & International Journal of Molecular and Immuno-Oncology.
8. Passionate about Digital Health & Medico-Legal Issues.
9. Unconventional Educator
10.Author of 19 books; 36 chapters in books; 200+ scientific article