Emergency Number

DR. Ishant Chaurasia

M.B.B.S. (Gold Medalist) MS. (General Surgery) Mumbai FMAS, ICRAD (France) Email: Department: Laproscopic Surgery, General Surgery, Obesity Surgery


Degree Year
MBBS 2012
MS. – General Surgery 2016


Other Achievements

  • International paper publication on Bilateral cryptorchidism: A Case Study at International Journal of Advanced Research Vol 5, issue 04-April 2017.
  • International Paper Publication on Thoracoscopic Removal of Unusual Migrated K-wire from Thorax published on International Archives of Integrated Medicine Nov-2015 isue IAIM-2015;2(11):78:81.
  • International Paper Publication on Familial Gynaecomastia published International Archives of Integrated Medicine Nov-2015 isue IAIM-2015;2(11):67:70.
  • Paper Presentation at #rd National Conference of Paediatrics Association of India held on @6 Sep 2015 entitled An Unusual case of PediatricAbdominal Trauma leading to Multi Organ Injury.
  • Paper Presentation at 16th MP % CG Neurocon Conference. Bhopal held on 18-19 June 2016 entitled Beneficial Role of Cerebroprotein Hydrosylate in Acute Head Injury.
  • Presented Poster on Nuclear Medicine held on 08/03/2014 at MGM Medical College, Navi Mumbai
  • Presented Poster on An Unusual Case of Compound lntussusception at 3rd National Conference of paediatric Association of India on 26/09/2015
  • Presented Poster on Abdominal trauma at Masicon, Nagpur on 01/02/2015.
  • Presented paper on Familial Gyanaecomastia: A case Report at GMC Bhopal on 20-22 feb 2015.
  • Presented poster on A Rare Entity on Intussusception at GMC Bhopal feb 2015
  • Invited as a Guest Lecturer for Upcoming World Asia- Pacific Conference, Singapore on 16-19 August,2018 to give a symposium on Management of Gun Shot wounds. As well as welcome speaker for the inaugration
  • Received Award for Laparoscopic Surgery at Indian Health Care Awards2018 at New delhi.