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Dr. Ashish Kumar Jangir

M.B.B.S, M.D Internal Medicine, DNB Endocrinology Email: Department: Endocrinology – Diabetology


  • A Prospective Study of Blood Transfusion Practice in Elective Orthopedic Surgeries,Suresh Chandra Dulara, Pooja Jangid, Rinku Jain, Ashish Jangid
  • International Journal of recent trends in SCience and Technology volume 10, Issue 1-February 2014,*Pooja Jangid, Suresh Chandra Dulara , Ashish Jangir. A Comparative study of Midazolam , Propofol and Dexmedetomidine Infusions for Sedation in Mechanically Ventilated Patients in ICU”
  • National Journal of Medical Researches.* Prasun D,Jaideep K, Ashish KJ, Mehrotra RN.Management of hyperglycemia in diabetics with Cardiovascular disease.J Med Sci Res.2016;4(4):196-201 DOI:
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Conferences & Workshop

  • April 2015-Endocrine update 2015. Hyderabad
  • April 2015-Endo Update India
  • Oct 2015-Best of ada india 2015
  • April 2016-Endo Update India
  • June 2016-International Conference & Workshop on Diabetic foot
  • Oct 2016-ESICON , New Delhi
  • Nov 2016-RSSDI, Hyderabad
  • Feb 2017-Endocrine update
  • April 2017-Endo update India
  • May-2017 Telangana State Chapter of RSSDI
  • Oct 2017-Metabolic Kerma , Hyderabad
  • Oct 2017-ESICON Thiruvananthapuram
  • Feb 2018-Pre Meeting Symposium on childhood diabetes
  • Mar 2018-Endocrine Update
  • Mar 2018-Indo Japan Neurosurgical Meeting
  • April 2018-Clinical Endocrine Update
  • June 2018-National Conference on Cardiology
  • Nov 2018-ESICON Bhuvneshwar
  • April 2019-Endocrine Update
  • Nov 2019-Esicon Nagpur
  • Oct 2016 -Expert Endocrine Examination Workshop, New Delhi
  • April 2018-USG in Acute & Chronic Pain