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Dr. Ajay Panwar

Consultant, Stroke & Interventional Neurologist Email: neurology.mohali2@shalby.in Department: Neurosurgery, Neuro Science Department


MD (InternalMedicine)
DM (Neurology), Post-doctoral fellowship in stroke and interventional neurology (FSIN)



  • ORCID ID- 0000-0002-8938-9168 Reviewer-Neurosciences journal Medical science monitor
  • Dissertation for DM (Neurology): A study of 25 hydroxy vitamin D, VDR polymorphism and TLR 2 polymorphism in patients of spinal TB
  • Dissertation for MD (Internal Medicine): Estimating the prevalence of anemia and its correlation with CD4 cell counts in HIV patients.
  • Panwar, Ajay, et al. “25-hydroxy vitamin D, vitamin D receptor and toll-like receptor 2 polymorphisms in spinal tuberculosis: a case-control study.” Medicine 95.17 (2016)
  • Panwar, Ajay, et al. “Prevalence of vitamin D deficiency in chronic and subacute low back pain patients in India: a triple-arm controlled study.” Clinical rheumatology (2017): 1-8.
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Conferences & Workshop

  • Poster presentations- World stroke congress-2016, Indian stroke association annual conference, APICON


  • Fellow in Stroke and Interventional Neurology at Rajagiri hospital, Kochi
  • Consultant Neurologist at Sri Bhadrakali Neurocare and Guardian Multispeciality hospital, Warangal
  • Resident specialist (Neurology) at Kakatiya Medical College, Warangal
  • Senior resident (Neurology) at Safdarjung Hospital, New Delhi
  • *Additionally, I worked as a clinical research coordinator for medicine postgraduates in Kakatiya Medical College, Warangal