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Headache Clinic

Get back on your regular life, forget headache!

Headache is a very common phenomenon, but it is not exactly a disease, it is a symptom. Headache can happen due to so many known and unknown causes and it is not advisable to take a short term remedy to relieve the pain. One must get to the cause of the headache and address the underlying problem, to get permanent relief from the pain and subsequent distress.

Headache may be the result of flu, psychological stress, depression, high blood-pressure, cancer, insomnia, blood-clot in the brain, concussion, etc. Even experiences like ‘Brain-freeze’ after consuming ice cream, and ‘Hangover’ after consuming alcohol, are the most common incidences of headaches. Headaches can be of many types like migraines, rebound headaches, thunderclap headaches, and cluster headaches, etc.

The headache clinic at Shalby Hospitals offers the comprehensive diagnostics, to find out the cause of unexplained bouts of headache. Also, Shalby offers the full spectrum of treatments to get relief from headache, and improve the overall quality of life.

These are the programs offered by Shalby’s Headache Clinics…

Headache Clinic

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