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Tips for Choosing the Right Knee Replacement Surgeon

May 30, 2017



Knee Replacement


If the condition of your knee/knees requires you to approach a knee replacement surgeon, there are a few tips that you will need to bear in mind for selecting the right one. The right knee replacement surgeon is extremely important for satisfactory results. One factor that you will need to consider is that of experience. You will need to see how many years of experience the surgeon has, and in what disciplines. You will not only need to find out how many knee replacement surgeries he has carried out so far, but also how many knee replacement surgeries he carries out every year. The second factor to be considered is education. You will need to look at the surgeon’s education, degrees, areas of study, training etc. Board certifications are also something you will need to consider. Do not take the surgeon’s word for it – he might be a self professed ‘genius’ but you can never be sure until you have verified his credentials – verifying his/her credentials online is something that you can easily do. The third factor is that of instinct and comfort level. He/She might be the most qualified knee replacement surgeon in the world, but if you do not feel comfortable or at ease with him/her, he/she might not be the right knee replacement surgeon for you. This could be due to reasons that you cannot explain, but if you do not ‘feel’ that he/she is the right surgeon for you, you should look for another. While approaching a surgeon, have a list of questions to ask him/her. For example, you will need to ask the surgeon what type of implant will be used and how long it will last. You should also ask him about his infection rate (an infection rate of 0.5% or less is a good rate). You should also ask him/her about the risks involved and the likelihood of the occurrence of those risks. You should also enquire as to the incidence of short-term complications (wound infections, dislocations etc) and long-term complications (prosthesis breakage, loosening etc) among their patients. The answers to these questions will help you decide whether the surgeon is right for you. If possible, patient referrals may also be a good confidence building tool. If you are going for knee replacement surgery, make sure that you only approach a reputed institution like Shalby Limited, Ahmedabad – one of the best centres for knee replacement surgery in India.  Dr Vikram I. Shah, of Shalby Limited is a well known surgeon for his “Zero Technique” Total Knee Replacement Surgery.  Settle for only the most qualified and skilled knee replacement surgeons to ensure that you are back on your feet, living life to the fullest.

3 thoughts on “Tips for Choosing the Right Knee Replacement Surgeon

  1. J.J.SHAH says:

    Enlightened my knowledge about knee. I m suffering from O.A.for last many years. I m not able to decide whether should I go for surgery or not. There are fear factors. Whether will I be in a position to sit on the ground or shall be required to sit in chair forever. Upto what degree my knee can be bent ? For how many days will I have to be hospitalized ? CAN I COME ALONE WITHOUT ANYBODY’ ACCOMPANYING ME AND RETURN HOME TO BARODA FROM AHMEDABAD ALONE WITHOUT ANYBODY’S HELP ? And what is your package of surgery (Total charges with GST). My contact no. Is 9898810051 (BARODA)

  2. Jordan Miner says:

    I’ve been looking for a good partial knee replacement for my grandmother. I’m glad you talked about how you should look at the disciplines of a knee replacement surgeon. I’m going to have to look into a few good partial knee replacement options and see what we can find!

  3. Suresh Kumar tripathi says:

    Let me know your exprience as cost duration post surgery complication normal walking etc

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