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February 16, 2017


Cosmetic Surgery, Plastic Surgery


The taboo and norms seems to have liberated for Plastic Surgery in India. The era has widened its views towards Plastic surgery. People have realized the value of being presentable externally, boosting their personality and self-esteem. The adage “ Plastic surgeries are financially not “everyone’s cup of tea”, is a myth, even in a country like India. The surgeries are not incredibly expensive. As per the recent survey by International Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery (ISAPS), India ranked 4th , with number of patients seeking plastic surgery at 4.3%, whereas US topped the list with 18.6% surgery taking place, followed by Brazil with 10.7% and South Korea with 5.3%. Surprisingly, India being 4th, accounts for 13.5% medical tourism especially from UK and UAE, as medical procedures are not adequately catered in their respective countries. Moving further, the turmoil between Plastic and Cosmetic Surgeries is strongly prevalent amongst masses. Understanding the core difference: Plastic Surgery is a combination of art and science, correcting the deformed or dysfunctional body part. Generally it is done to correct birth defects, trauma, burns and disease. Whereas, Cosmetic Surgery is an integral part of Plastic surgery and is carried out to enhance aesthetic appeal, symmetric and proportion. The most sought after plastic surgeries in India, preferred by men and women, include :


Also known as lipoplasty, contributes sculpted body, eliminates stubborn fat from waist, upper arms and butt. A simple and safe procedure for those seeking rid from fat. It permanently removes fat cells, provided patients follow a healthy and well balanced lifestyle after the surgery. The remaining fat cells may expand, if not cared for well. The surgery removes limited amount of fat, if the specified amount of fat removal exceeds, then there are high chances of lumpiness or dents in the skin.


Popularly known as nose job and is the second most preferred. The procedure structures the nose by altering bone and cartilage. The client can attain the nose, as per their requirement. The recovery phase is between 2 to 3 weeks.

3.Breast Augmentation:

Its popularity widened for the fact that the surgery is safe in nature and requires only few days to recover. The saline filled bags are inserted between breast tissues and chest muscles, in return boosts confidence and personality.

4.Tummy Tuck:

Beneficial for all those who are willing to remove excess fat and skin from abdomen.It aids drooped fat, resulted after weight loss, aging, surgery or pregnancy. The surgery constricts abdominal muscles rendering well sculpted physique. The standard recovery time is 6 weeks.

5.Eye bag Removal surgery:

As the name suggests, the surgery benefits patients to get rid of under eye bags and pouches. Simultaneously, corrects upper eyelids by curbing fat, muscle and skin around eyes. The recovery time is about 10 days.

6.Face lift:

A chiseled and sculpted face is a dream for many. The surgery simply removes excess fat from the face, the muscles and tissues are neither raised nor lifted. Hence it tightens the skin around face. The recovery time varies between 10 days to 3 weeks.


Treats scarring and aged skin by removing the upper layer of the skin. A high speed rotating tool is used, removing upper layer of the skin. The surgery may take 2-6 weeks to recover. It may be noted that since all the surgeries are performed by humans, it becomes inevitable for patients to seek for qualified and experienced healthcare practitioners. Shabby Hospitals has a committed team comprising Plastic & Reconstructive surgeons and cosmetics specialists, who day in and day out perform wonders to enhance the aesthetics of individuals through surgical and nonsurgical procedures using high-end technologies and skill sets.

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