Caregivers in Hospital Management: Shalby Homecare Setting a New Trend

February 17, 2017


Home Care


Gone are the days when we were left with only two options to choose from, when the elders of our family required advanced medical care: one option was a dedicated family member taking care of the patient 24 x 7 and the other option was spending a good amount of time and money at nursing homes.  

In this modern era ,where in new trends are  being set every day for the convenience of individuals and households, equations  and definitions  of healthcare management are also changing, worldwide.  In India it took a little more time to make inroads, as our sensitivity towards healthcare for the elders in the family is looked up on with a conservative mind set wherein we believe family members are the best option for this kind of services.  Social stimulus also acts a barrier for adapting new and convenient trends in the “caregivers” segment.  

However, it is time to welcome the “Great change of convenience and expertise” due to families becoming ” nucleus” and  lack of time on  the part of individuals and family members to look after the daily chores of elders in the family, compromising  their other priorities of a very challenging life style.  

In such situations, “ Homecare” comes to our rescue for which the demand is increasing day by day with positive outcomes.  

Homecare services from Shalby Hospitals mean that your loved one who is suffering from any kind of illness, doesn’t have to make any lifestyle changes to receive the medical support and assistance they need for recovering in day to day life.   Shalby Homecare services are designed with the thought process that “ Home is where patients feel most comfortable  and the recovery in the home environment would be the most suited option for the age group of the elderly”  With home care, the patient can enjoy personal freedom and companionship of their family members, which aides their physical and mental well-being. It also reduces the hassles of transportation and hospital admission which allows the patient to heal faster and better. Homecare is perfect blend of an environment for faster healing coupled with the expert services of trained hands that heal.  

Home care brings a host of benefits to you and your loved ones, which include:  

  • Homecare allows more freedom and independence as it doesn’t change daily routines
  • It is more cost effective than in-patient care  in a hospital
  • Shalby’s Homecare is tailored to the needs of each individual patient
  • Minimizes  the chances of re-hospitalizations
  • Offers a platform for shared responsibility between by the patient’s family and the trained hospital staff
  • Provides an ideal atmosphere for elderly visits by friends and relatives

The trained nursing staff of Shalby Homecare will make sure that the patient receives the best personal medical care in the convenience of their home. We also provide on-call services like:  
  • Doctors
  • Trained Attendant
  • Nursing
  • Pharmacy
  • Pathology Tests
  • Medical Equipment

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