Cancer- A Challenging Disease Affecting Precious Lives !

February 3, 2016




Blood Cancer
Blood Cancer

Life is something which cannot be defined perfectly. Each person in the world has a different meaning of this small Word, that is colossal in itself. But this indefinable word is extremely precious for each and every living being on this earth.

Cancer is a medical term about which all of  us know but get daunted when we hear of it. It is one of those factors that can harm your life. And so, to save our precious  lives, let us get ourselves aware of this  Challenging Condition .

Cancer is a disease caused by an  uncontrolled division of abnormal cells in a particular body part and it can start almost anywhere in the human body. In cancer, cells unstoppably divide themselves even if it is unwanted which then result into forming tumours , swellings or lumps . And as it is an uncontrolled process, the disease can

 even  cause death. Cancer is a genetic disease which can be either inherited from our parents or caused due to errors in cells mutation,  precipitated by certain environmental exposures.

 It is Difficult but not Impossible to Fight Against Cancer.  You can prevent it by taking precautions and save your precious life. So be aware, prevent with lifestyle modifications or catch  the danger early and live your life to the Fullest …

Dr. Kinner Shah(Senior Consultant Cancer Surgeon, Shalby Hospitals, Ahmedabad)

MS; MCh (Oncosurgery)

Ex Fellow & Alumni Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center, New York, USA.

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