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September 18, 2014




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Shalby Times, a magazine meant for sharing the treatment experience of past patients of Shalby Hospitals and educating the general public. The first issue was published in June 2008 at the behest of Dr Vikram Shah, the Chairman and founder of Shalby Hospitals. What began as a small 12 page pictorial journal of the happenings in Shalby Hospitals and information about the latest medical and surgical treatments and 2,100 printed copies has now flourished into a much read much circulated 16 page full colour glossy magazine. It is sent to most of the former patients of Shalby Hospitals and to all those interested to know about the latest treatments available for different diseases and how they are given in Shalby Hospitals. A large number of surgeries, interventions and medical procedures are done at Shalby every day. Complex and complicated cases given up as untreatable have been successfully treated at Shalby Hospitals. We present the stories of some of the cases in which the doctors and the staff were able to beat the worst odds and save the patient and restore his or her life and restore capability as nearly to normal as possible. We also present the latest treatment modalities and help people make informed decisions about the right treatment for their conditions.

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