Radiation Therapy is used for the treatment of Cancer, with or without combining Chemotherapy or other therapies. Radiation therapy destroys the DNA of cancer cells, and shrinks the tumor nodes. Ionizing radiation controls the cell growth and it also stops the cancer cells from proliferating. Radiation therapy is useful as curative as well as palliative therapy for the cancer.

There are two main types of Radiation Therapy:

Internal Radiation Therapy:

In the Internal Radiation Therapy, the source of radiation is placed inside the patient’s body. The source could be in solid form – as a capsule, or ribbon; or the source could be in liquid form – by ingesting radiopharmaceuticals or through an IV line.

External Radiation Therapy:

In the External Radiation Therapy, the external radiation beam is aimed at the specific local part of the body, from many directions. A linear accelerator machine is used for this.

At Shalby Hospitals, we use the latest instruments and machines for the radiation therapy. Our team of expert radiation oncologists examines the patient’s condition and medical history and then prescribes the appropriate dose of radiation, with utmost care.
These factors are studied for deciding the course of radiation therapy…

  • Age and disease history of patient
  • Location of the tumor
  • Size of the tumor nodes
  • Type and spread of cancer in body
  • Other cancer treatment in combination
  • Distance of tumor from radiation sensitive tissues
  • Lifetime Radiation Dose Limits for the patient